Learn to work as a group, focus on stamina, precision dance movements, flexibility, high kicks and performance quality.


Tue    6:45-7:30pm    Teen/TA        Heather      1&2


Learn steps and rhythm combinations to develop rhythm and musicality in tap dance. 

DAY    TIME              AGE/LEVEL     TEACHER     SHOW

Mon    5:15-5:45pm    11-15/Int-TA           Lori              1

Tues    5:15-5:45pm    8-10/Cont             Lori              2

Wed    4:30-5:00pm    5-7/Beg/Cont       Kayla           1

Wed    5:15-5:45pm    6-8/Cont              Nicole          2

Wed    7:15-7:45pm    9-12/Int               Nicole          1

Thurs  10:45-11:15am 3-5/Beg/Cont     Lenise         2

Thurs  5:00-5:30pm    Teen/Adv-TA      Lori            1&2

Thurs  6:15-6:45pm    4-6/Beg/Cont     Lori             1

Sat    11:45-12:15pm  3-5/Beg/Cont    Nicole          1

Sat    12:30-1:00pm     5-8/Beg/Cont   Kayla          2


A definite necessity for all dance forms. You will develop strength, balance, technique, and proper body alignment and placement. You create flexibility through barre and floor work and develop grace while learning terminology. 

DAY    TIME              AGE/LEVEL     TEACHER     SHOW

Mon    4:30-5:15pm      11-15/TA            Lori                1

Mon    6:15-7:30pm       Teen/Int            Nicole            2

Tues    4:30-5:15pm       8-10/Cont        Lori               2

Tues    4:30-5:15pm        5-8/Cont         Heather        2

Tues    5:45-6:30pm       11-13/Cont      Lori              2

Wed    11:00-11:45pm     3-5/Beg         Heather        2

Wed    4:30-5:15pm        6-8/Cont        Nicole           2

Wed    5:45-6:30pm        5-8/Beg/Cont    Kayla        1

Wed    6:30-7:15pm         9-12/Int          Nicole         1

Thurs    10:00-10:45am    3-5/Beg/Cont    Lenise      2

Thurs    5:30-6:15pm       4-6/Beg/Cont      Lori         1

Sat    11:00-11:45am       3-5/Beg/Cont      Nicole      1

Sat    11:45-12:30pm       5-8/Beg/Cont     Kayla         2


Combines elements of several dance genres including: modern, jazz, lyrical, ballet, and acro.

DAY    TIME              AGE/LEVEL     TEACHER     SHOW

Mon    7:45-8:30pm    Teen/Ballet Req.    Nicole          2


Designed for students with previous ballet training. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work and across the floor combinations. These exercises focus on strengthening the feet and ankles.

DAY          TIME        AGE/LEVEL     TEACHER     SHOW

Thurs        3:30-4:15pm    Teen/TA       Lori                1&2


If you like Broadway, you will love musical theatre class. You will be dancing and lip-syncing to great show tunes.

DAY    TIME              AGE/LEVEL     TEACHER     SHOW

Mon    7:00-7:45pm  Teen/TA              Nicole               2

Tue    6:00-6:45pm    Teen/TA              Heather          1&2

Sat    12:15-1:00PM  Teen/TA              Nicole             1&2


This form of interpretive dance uses movements from ballet and jazz to tell a story with music. A ballet class is highly recommended when taking a lyrical class.

DAY    TIME              AGE/LEVEL     TEACHER     SHOW

Mon    6:30-7:15pm    Teen/Int                Lori                1

Tues    7:15-8:00pm    9-13/Beg/Cont    Sam                 2

Tues    7:30-8:15pm    Teen/TA              Heather         1&2


Incorporates old and new dance moves and styles like break dancing, popping, crumping and even traditional jazz moves.

DAY    TIME              AGE/LEVEL     TEACHER     SHOW

Wed    6:45-7:30pm    8-13/Cont           Sam              2

Wed    7:30-8:15pm    8-13/Beg/Cont    Sam             1


A fun filled class that incorporates ways to increase flexibility and rhythm along with body alignment and placement. Hip Hop moves give funk and a little more flava to this class.

DAY    TIME              AGE/LEVEL     TEACHER     SHOW

Mon    5:30-6:15pm    Teen/Int             Nicole          TBD

Mon    5:45-6:30pm    11-15/Int/Cont    Lori               1

Tues    5:15-6:00pm    5-8/Beg/Cont    Heather        2

Tues    6:30-7:15pm    9-13/Cont         Sam              2

Wed    5:00-5:45pm    5-8/Beg/Cont    Kayla            1

Wed    5:45-6:30pm    6-8/Cont           Nicole           2

Wed    7:45-8:30pm    9-12/Int            Nicole           1

Thurs    4:15-5:00pm    Teen/Adv-TA    Lori          1&2

Sat    11:00-11:45am    5-8/Beg/Cont    Kayla         2