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Community Volunteer Registry Form

  1. *Must be 17 years old or older to register on this registry*

  2. As it appears on State ID

  3. As it appears on State ID

  4. Phone Type*

  5. I am interested in volunteering for (Please check all that apply):

  6. Senior Citizens

  7. Community

  8. Youth/Family

  9. Community Organization

  10. Please let us know what volunteer opportunities interest you that are not on this list

  11. I agree that the Garden City Department of Community Resources may conduct a conviction-only criminal check on me. I hereby consent to this search being conducted and to the disclosure of the results of the search to the Department. I understand and acknowledge that criminal convictions may result in disqualification from the Volunteer Registry. I also authorize the Department to release my contact information to organizations matching my interests.

  12. By electronically signing this form you agree to the above statement.

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