Pavilion Rentals

2022 Pavilion Rentals begin Monday, January 3rd at 9am.

Located near the intersection of Merriman and Cherry Hill Roads, Garden City Park includes 4 pavilion/picnic areas for rent. All pavilions are covered and include picnic tables and trash receptacles. The 3 small pavilions can host 40 people, while the main pavilion can host up to 150 people, and has electrical outlets for rental groups to use.

The Parks & Recreation office is the office in charge of renting out pavilions. For general information or questions, please contact the Parks and Recreation office.

2022 Pavilion Rental Application

Pavilion Rental Fees


Main Pavilion (150 capacity)

Monday - Thursday: Full Day: $105/residents, $210/non-residents
                                  9am-2pm: $65/residents, $130/non-residents 
                                  3pm-8pm: $80/residents, $160/non-residents

Friday - Sunday: Full Day: $175/residents, $350/non-residents
                            9am-2pm: $135/residents, $270/non-residents
                            3pm-8pm: $150/residents, $300/non-residents 

Small Pavilion (40 Capacity)

Monday - Thursday: Full Day: $85/residents, $170/non-residents
                                  9am-2pm: $45/residents, $90/non-residents
                                  3pm-8pm: $60/residents, $110/non-residents 

Friday - Sunday: Full Day: $110/residents, $220 for non-residents
                            9am-2pm: $70/residents, $140/non-residents 
                            3pm-8pm: $85/residents, $170/non-residents 

Other Fees

Alcohol Permit: $35/residents; $70/non-residents