City Parks

Community Parks

Garden City has approximately 22.8 acres of parks that range in size from .4 acres to 5 acres. The parks include:

Neighborhood Parks

In Garden City, neighborhood parks range in size from 7 to 30 acres in size. There are 8 school-owned and City-owned parks that provide approximate 78.5 acres of neighborhood parks. In addition, Radcliff Center provides an additional 22 acres of land available for recreation purposes. The school-owned and city-owned parks include:

  • Garden City High School
  • Garden City Middle School
  • Burger Transition Center (Henry Ruff)
  • Memorial Elementary
  • Douglas Elementary
  • Farmington Elementary
  • Lathers Elementary
  • Radcliff Center

In addition to parkland, Garden City owns and operates a number of indoor recreational facilities, such as the Radcliff Center, and the Garden City Civic Arena.