Pitch, Hit & Run Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Pitch, Hit & Run & a huge congratulations to all of our participants that made it to sectionals! 

Baseball 7/8 Pitch: Nolan Ferraro, Emmett Oliver
Baseball 7/8 Hit: Colton Anderson
Baseball 7/8 Run: Nolan Ferraro
Baseball 7/8 Overall: Nolan Ferraro

Baseball 9/10 Pitch: Peyton Coldicott
Baseball 9/10 Hit:
Noah Oneil
Baseball 9/10 Run:
Peyton Coldicott
Baseball 9/10 Overall:
Peyton Coldicott

Baseball 11/12 Pitch: Tyler Bennett, Aiden Bumbul, Matthew Glassmeyer, Connor Killingbeck, Branden Van Belle
Baseball 11/12 Hit: Owen Kulsher
Baseball 11/12 Run: Matthew Glassmeyer
Baseball 11/12 Overall: Branden Van Belle

Baseball 13/14 Pitch: Jay Williams
Baseball 13/14 Run:
Jay Williams
Baseball 13/14 Overall:
Jay Williams 

Softball 13/14 Pitch: Brooklyn Radwan
Softball 13/14 Hit: Brooklyn Radwan
Softball 13/14 Run: Maya Ferracciolo
Softball 13/14 Overall: Brooklyn Radwan