2020 Road Projects Info

Concrete Reconstruction

Gilman  – Cambridge to Warren
Cardwell  – Cambridge to Warren
Fairfield  – Maplewood to James

Asphalt Reconstruction/Reclamation 

Arcola – James to Warren
Bridge – Merriman to Moeller
Windsor – Moeller to Craig
Pardo – Radcliff to Farmington
Donnelly – Cadillac to Farmington
Rosslyn – Moeller to Merriman 
Hubbard- Ford to Marquette

Asphalt 1/2 Blocks

Schuman - Ford to Pardo
Cadillac - Ford to Pardo
Craig - Ford to Pardo
Moeller - Ford to Pardo
Moeller - Sheridan to Rosslyn
Moeller - Warren to Rush
Cambridge - Gilman to Helen
Belton - Warren to 1/2 James
Garden - Bock to 1/2 Hennepin


ItemStreetLocationBegin ProjectRestoration
1DonnellyHubbard to FarmingtonLate AprilLate May
2PardoFarmington to RadcliffEarly MayLate May
3RosslynMerriman to MoellerMid MayEarly June
4WindsorMoeller to CraigMid MayMid June
5BridgeMerriman to MoellerLate MayEnd June
6HubbardFord to MarquetteEarly JuneEnd June
7CadillacFord to PardoMid JuneEarly July
8CraigFord to PardoMid JuneMid July
9MoellerFord to PardoLate JuneEnd July
10MoellerSheridan to RosslynEarly JulyEarly August
11MoellerWarren to RushMid JulyMid August
12ArgolaWarren to JamesMid JulyMid August
13BeltonJames to WarrenEarly AugustEnd August
14GardenBock to HennipenMid AugustEarly September
15SchumanFord to PardoEnd AugustMid September

Concrete Sectioning/Patch Repairs 

Rush- Henry Ruff to Burnly
Henry Ruff- Barton to Florence
Florence- Shotka to Merriman
Bock – Inkster to Gilman
Hubbard – Cherry Hill to Alvin
Marquette – Venoy to Cadillac

Asphalt Resurfacing (Milling and Filling)

Birchlawn-Harrison to Hartel
Krauter- Harrison to Garden

Spray Patching

Various Streets throughout the City

Joint and Crack Sealing

Various Streets throughout the City 

Cement Pouring on Sharon-Summer 2019
Gilman Paving- Summer 2019
Asphalt Steamrolling
Concrete Patching