21st District Court Livestream


Live streaming of court proceedings will only occur when public proceedings in the courtroom are taking place but the physical courtroom is closed to the public. This may occur likely due to any unforeseen emergency or restrictions, such as pandemic-related restrictions. Otherwise, the courtroom is open to the public when public proceedings are taking place. Appropriate courtroom etiquette is expected whether you are attending court proceedings in-person or virtually.

By order of this Court, no individual or entity, without first having the expressed written authorization of a Judge of the 21st District Court, shall copy, photograph, video record, audio record, alter, re-stream, rebroadcast, retransmit and/or duplicate the contents of any video that is streamed or published by this Court. Any violations of this Order shall be handled at the discretion of the presiding judge, and may result in contempt proceedings. 

Videos will be displayed when live. Watch the 21st District Court live here:

21st District Court Live on YouTube