Program Information

Dance Express   

2020 – 2021


Welcome Students and Parents!


Please read the following letter and review the calendars that are attached.  We have provided information that will help you and your child have an enjoyable and successful dance experience.


Goals:  Our goal for students is that they have fun while learning and improving their dance skills.  Instructors will be teaching the discipline of dance appropriate to the child's age group.

The benefits of dance are numerous: coordination, appreciation of dance, self confidence, ability to perform in front of a large audience and the discipline of being part of a team. With childhood obesity becoming a national concern, it is more important than ever that children are physically active.  Dance is a positive way to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Attendance:   Unless your child is a soloist, his/her attendance will affect the class.  It is not fair to those children who attend regularly to have to dance the recital with children who do not know the routine or their positions.  If your child is sick, keep him/her home (if anyone in your family is sick, keep him/her home), we just ask that dance class be given priority over other activities.  Instructors have a right to take a child out of a class if attendance will greatly affect the recital performance.   Parents will be advised of any attendance problems as soon as they become evident.


Payments:  Payments for dance sessions, costumes and candy fundraiser are listed on the calendar.  There will be a $35 charge for any checks returned for insufficient funds.   All payments are made to Maplewood staff.  Make sure you receive a receipt for all payments you make. Please make all checks payable to the City of Garden City.


Safety During COVID:  Our procedure will be as follows…

  1. Enter the building through the Balmoral St. side doors ONLY.  No letting each other in at the Emergency Doors by the dance rooms. 
  2. During this time, we strongly prefer you drop off your child and wait in your vehicles in effort to limit the number of family members waiting in the hallways.  If you opt to wait inside, please sit in the chairs (pre-placed 6 ft. apart) in the hallway and PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE CHAIRS. If you would like us to walk your child to the door, we are happy to supply you with a number to text.
  3. Masks are required by all to enter the building.  Parents opting to wait for their child inside MUST keep their mask on for the duration of their wait.  Dance participants MUST wear a mask in the hallways and will receive further instructions once they enter the studios.
    1. IMPORTANTEach dance participant must bring a zip lock bag with their name on it to store their masks during class. 
  4. Check-in at the Information Desk. Everyone entering in the building will need to have their temperatures checked. Parents entering the building must sign in at the Information Desk. All dance participants will be counted by their dance instructor. 
  5. All vending machines and water fountains are closed for public use.
    1. IMPORTANT: Each dance participant must bring a water bottle with their name labeled on it.
  6. Classes will end 5 minutes early so we can clean and sanitize in between classes. 
  7. Remember practice good hygiene!  Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer stations often.



Weather Cancellations: If the Garden City School System has declared a "Snow Day" the Dance Express classes will be cancelled for the day. If Garden City School Systems has declared a “Cold Day” classes will NOT be cancelled. 


Instructor Cancellation:       If an instructor is ill or has an emergency Maplewood Staff will attempt to call you with this information.   Classes that have been cancelled due to weather or instructor illness/emergency will be rescheduled.   The Dance Express calendar indicates the "make-up" periods.  


Class Dress Code:    Dancers are not allowed to wear jeans to class.   Students who come to class in jeans will have to sit and watch that day.  Dancers should always wear the appropriate dance clothes and shoes.   Most students wear leotards for their classes.  Wearing "dance" clothes is part of the discipline of dance.  The first day of class, your child should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  Instructors will tell you what type of footwear that will be needed.


Dance Assistants:    Some dance instructors have volunteer dance assistants.  These assistants will begin the stretching and warm-up session of the class while the instructor speaks to parents.


COVID Cancellation: If you or your child are exposed to someone that has tested positive for COVID, please adhere to the rule of self-quarantining for 14 days before returning to the Maplewood Community Center for any activities. 



If you choose to stay and wait at Maplewood Center during your child's class, please avoid bringing other family members (siblings) with you. If you have no other choice but to have others with you and you must wait inside, please bring games, books or toys that encourage quiet play.  There can be no balls or running in the hallways. Children who are not enrolled in a supervised activity must always remain with a parent or guardian – 6ft. apart from other families that may also be waiting. All family members waiting in the building must wear a mask at all times, regardless of their age. 


Communication:       If you have a question for the instructor there is a limited period of time between classes to talk to parents.  We strongly suggest you leave a written request at the front desk asking the instructor to call you.  If you leave your name, phone number, best time to call and the instructor you want to speak to, the staff will forward the information.   Instructors are not in everyday so please be patient; it may take a few days for a return call.


The dance program is supposed to be a fun learning experience.  If you or your child has problems or concerns, please address the instructor in private.  If you have questions or concerns you want to discuss with Dance Coordinator, Lori Couture, you may call 793-1853 Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 am to 3:00 p.m.; or email


Dance Recital:  Information on the Dance Express Recital still to be determined.



Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times. We are committed to keeping you, your family, and our staff safe.


But most of all –