Garden City Tree Program


The Garden City Tree Program is a tree-planting partnership program for trees planted in the City’s right-of-way. It is a partnership between residential and commercial property owners and the City of Garden City.

The installation of trees in the Tree Program will be contingent upon budget limitations and the requested location.

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If you have questions, contact Garden City Public Works Department at 734-793-1800 or deliver your Tree Program Application to 31800 Beechwood, Garden City, MI 48135.

How the Tree Program Works:

  • The City of Garden City purchases the tree.
  • The City digs and prepares the hole, as well as plants the tree.
  • The property owner’s role in the partnership is to care for the tree (water, weed, mulch, protect from physical damage, etc.) during the first year and for every year afterward.
  • The tree will later be trimmed by the City as needed.
  • Once planted, the property owner accepts full responsibility for the continued survival and health of the tree.
  • If the tree dies in the first 12 months, then the property owner will replace the dead tree with the same size and type of tree initially planted, at the full cost to the property owner.

How To Request a Tree:

  • Choose a tree from the approved list of trees.
  • Complete an application.
  • Submit the completed application to the Garden City Public Works Department.

Review Process:

  • The application will be reviewed by Public Works Department staff to determine if it is the right tree for the right place.
  • The Public Works staff will review the right-of-way planting standards to help guide the planting of trees that fit the available space. Once the application has been approved, the property owner will be contacted, and a planting date will be scheduled.

Approved List of Trees

  • Triumph Elm

  • Red Maple

  • Little Leaf Linden

  • Northern Red Oak

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How the Location of Planting Will be Reviewed

Sufficient planting strip or yard space

A planting strip must be at least 6’ wide. Larger trees require a wider planting strip or more room away from sidewalk/curb.

Ample easement in the proposed planting site

The Location of the hole must be entirely within the City of Garden City’s Easement.

Overhead utility wires

The presence of utility wires can limit the type and size of trees available for planting.

Line of sight or other visual obstructions

The mature spread and height should not obscure traffic lights, signs, or line-of-sight near corners or other potential hazards. Whenever possible, property views should also be taken into consideration when planting a tree.

Nearby trees

New trees should not be planted too close to another existing tree. This might result in trees growing together and could result in them damaging each other. Care should be taken before planting a smaller tree within the dense shade of a larger tree, because this type of environment can stunt or otherwise decay the prosperity of the tree.


Trees must be given ample space away from concrete pathways, sidewalks, or other such structures, with the type of tree and location conditions defining what space is ample.


Trees must also be planted at a safe distance away from man-made structures such as houses, telephone poles, and fire hydrants

Right-of-way Street Tree Spacing and Location Guidelines

CriteriaSmall 0-30 ft.Medium 30-50 ft.Large 50 ft. & Taller

Required width of planting strip (between curb and sidewalk area)

6 ft. Minimum8-10 ft.10+ ft.
Overhead UtilitiesOKDon't PlantDon't Plant
Planting distance from buildings5-10 ft.10+ ft.Don't Plant
Planting distance from utility poles, driveways, alleys, hydrants15 ft.15 ft.15 ft.
Planting distance from sewer lines10 ft.10 ft.20 ft.
Planting distance from other underground utilities3 ft.5 ft.7 ft.
Minimum distance from intersection30 ft.30 ft.30 ft.