What if my carbon monoxide detector goes off?
Carbon monoxide can build up over time until is eventually reaches a level sufficient to set off your detector, or it can build quickly due to gas-fired cooking and heating appliances that may not be properly vented. Newer detectors feature digital displays to indicate how many parts per million have been detected. The safest action is to leave the home and call for assistance.

Opening doors and windows will make a safer environment but will make it more difficult for firefighters to find the problem. Garden City firefighters have sophisticated instruments that can help to detect and measure this toxic gas. Firefighters can also check for obvious problems in the furnace or water heater duct work and assess other potential sources.

If anyone in the home is feeling ill, firefighter-paramedics will provide any care that may be appropriate. In many cases we will notify the gas company to send a representative as well. Gas company technicians are even better equipped to identify and correct the problem, however a gas company service charge is applicable.

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