How do I obtain a birth certificate?

Birth certificates can only be obtained in person by the individual of record or one of the parents listed on the birth certificate. The person obtaining the birth certificate must present his/her picture identification. We only have birth records for individuals born in Garden City. NOTE BEGINNING JULY 1, 2020 The cost is $20 for 1 copy and $5 for any additional copies purchased at the same time (Additional Certified Mail Fees apply if birth record needs to be mailed). If you were born prior to 1979 and your parents were not married, or you were adopted, the City will not have your birth record. You must contact the State of Michigan at 517-335-8666.

Birth certificates can be requested from Garden City by mail. MAIL IN FORM . Your request can also be submitted in letter format. You must include the name on record, the date of birth, mother’s full maiden name, father’s full name, your relationship to the individual on record and an address where you want the record mailed. (If you are the individual on record, and you have had a name change, list the reason, i.e., marriage, etc.) Your must provide a copy of your valid photo ID or have your application notarized by a notary public with a stamp and a seal. Please include a check or money order for $29.90 for 1 copy and $5 for each additional copy made payable to the City of Garden City. 

on-line with the State of Michigan Vital Records.

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