What items are considered special disposal?
The trash company is not required to pick up building materials. Small amounts of wood, reduced to 2 foot lengths, bundled and tied, can be picked up on your regular trash day. Empty paint cans with lids removed, can be picked up with your regular garbage. Paint must be absorbed in kitty litter or oil dry, and bagged and placed at curbside on your regular day. Garden City does not have a dumpsite but there is one in Wayne, which can be contacted at 734-326-0993 and one in Canton, which can be contacted at 734-397-2790.

The City Trash Contractor cannot pick up broken Concrete. Broken concrete must be taken to a cement crusher. Contact Michigan Crushed Concrete at 313-534-1500 for confirmation that they will take the type of concrete that you have.

The city trash contractor will not pick up sod and yard waste. You can contact Carleton Farms at 734-654-0001 or B.F.I. Salem Township at 248-349-7230 for disposal questions.

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