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  1. GC Fix It Form
  1. Mayoral Certificate Request

    Thank you for your interest in requesting a greeting from Mayor Randy Walker, Mayor of the City of Garden City, Michigan.

Council Contact Forms

  1. E-Mail Council Member Brian Earle

    Contact Council Member Brian Earle via E-Mail

  2. Email Council Member Melissa DiMichele

    Contact Council Member Melissa DiMichele via EMail

  3. E-Mail Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Jacobs

    Contact Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Jacobs via E-Mail

  4. E-Mail Mayor Randy Walker

    Contact Mayor Randy Walker via E-Mail

  1. E-Mail Council Member Jaylee Lynch

    Contact Council Member Jaylee Lynch via E-Mail

  2. Email Council Member Stacy Karafotis

    Contact Council Member Stacy Karafotis via E-Mail

  3. E-Mail Mayor Pro-Tem Patricia Squires

    Contact Mayor Pro-Tem Patricia Squires via E-Mail

Department Contact Forms

  1. E-Mail Dan York

    Contact Communications Director Dan York via E-Mail

  1. E-Mail the Building Department

    Contact the Building Department via E-Mail

GCPD Forms

  1. Vacation Watch

    Vacation Watch

Maplewood Community Center Forms

  1. Community Volunteer Registry Form

    The Community Volunteer Registry is a local listing of community members who are interested in volunteering their time for community... More…